New pieces

Some mid-week cool picks I’d like to share!
This eclectic grouping consists of a 1960s black vinyl valet chair. It has a removable tray up top for keys and change along with a built-in hanger for your coat. The seat lifts up for additional storage. There’s an indent in the vinyl on the top of the chair, otherwise it’s in great condition. What a great conversation piece for an office (SOLD). The “C” table is modern with a black top and brushed silver frame. This is great for sliding under a chair or couch if you need a hard work surface ($40). The lamp is fun and transitional with its acrylic base and gray silk shade. This is great if you want a little sparkle ($50). The artwork is a vintage print on board as opposed to paper in a faux gold-leaf finished frame. It’s sturdy yet light weight. The colors are warm and antiqued looking, 31×25 inches framed ($25).
valet,c table, med art, acrylic VALET CHAIR SOLD med art

Here is a sweet, vintage piece of needlepoint art I found with great colors. It has a wooden frame, shows a lot of depth and looks brand new, nearly 17×26 inches ($35). East of Eden vase ($15).
needlepoint art
Here are three 1970s teakwood servers made for the local Sam Soloman Company (kind of like a Service Merchandise back in the day). One is rectangular with 3 sections, one pea-pod shaped with 6 sections and the other pea-pod shaped with a handle and 3 sections. Great for entertaining indoors or out ($16/each). Excellent condition! As well as a beautifully carved wooden leaf bowl, also in great condition ($22). The vase is a clay pitcher I found. It is stamped Italy on the bottom and looks handmade. There’s a small chip on the rim that looks to have been repaired with dark green paint, not too noticeable ($16).
wood platters

This 1960s hexagonal coffee table was brown when I found it. The shape, cut-outs and smokey-glass top sold me! Typically, I don’t paint furniture. But a nice, smooth glossy white coat of paint is what this table needed, and it really made a difference. The table is on casters for easy mobility. It measures 3ft x 3ft ($325 obo)
hex table

Here are two pieces of art I have. The floral is a vintage original oil signed by Italian artist Marc Ottee. The oranges, yellows, blues, reds and even the whites are very vibrant. This piece would contrast very well in a modern living space that had colorful accents. It measures 40.5 x 28.5 inches framed. The frame has a slight dent at the top that’s only noticeable close-up. Believe me, it does not take away from the beauty of this painting ($175 obo).
The second is a Van Gogh reproduction of Starry Night over Rhone signed Thomas. It’s an oil and in great condition, nearly 24 x 28 inches framed ($125 obo). I also have a set of 5 very cool forged iron votive holders, although they’re just as pretty standing alone ($28). The vase is from East of Eden, off-white top and sagey?-green bottom ($15).
m. otteeart
vintage art example
Above is a great example of using vintage floral art in a modern space.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase any of the above items, please email or call me, 843.478.0706. And as always, Style Revival at the Antiques Market on Coleman is open for even more beauty of the past. Thanks for browsing and have a great day!

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