March 29, 2012

When I’m out picking, treasure hunting or whatever you shall call it, I’m drawn to pieces that have some soul to them, no matter the era… I wonder what story they have to tell. I saw this beautiful copper basin recently at an estate sale. Fortunately, I was able to hear a little of its story and I love that I’m able to share it with you. I bought it from a 70 year old Mt. Pleasant woman. She remembers her great-grandmother cooking soap in this on her stove when she was a little girl. It is from the 19th century and has a beautifully aged patina with metal and wood handles. It is a gorgeous display piece or would make for a great ice bucket at an event. This is a piece with some exceptional old soul! ($75)
copper basin vignette basin close-up

Here is some fun, sleek glassware with a clear top that fades into brown. Set of 4 wine glasses, 4 short tumblers and 4 tall tumblers, 12 pcs total ($25), great condition.
brown stemware

REUSE THE BEAUTY OF THE PAST TO CONSERVE WHAT WE HAVE FOR THE FUTURE. If you like what you see please share with a friend…we all make a difference. And remember to visit STYLE REVIVAL at the Antiques Market on Coleman. I place new and different pieces there too, all the time. Thanks for looking and have a great day. Good luck to all you runners!

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