April 10, 2012

Hello! Lately I’ve been posting photos of some “picked” pieces that I have for sale. This week I want to give you ideas on how you can make vintage pieces work for you in your own home, without making it seem like “grandma’s house”. Below are some examples of designed rooms (not by me) that incorporate the modern and the vintage.
Above is an older space with modern furnishings and wall color. However, the owner balanced it well with a mid-century coffee table.

Looking into this eating area makes me want to smile. I love the wall color, very fresh. The owner probably inherited the mid-century dining furniture, but totally brought it into the 21st century with that wall color and the simple window treatments and pendant chandelier. The foreground consists of a painted bureau with a pair of vintage lamps and modern glass vase. I love the mirror hanging above. Reproductions of these detailed pieces are very popular right now, especially in bold, glossy colors. I come across the originals every so often, so if you like it, let me know and I’ll keep my eyes open.

Remember, it’s all about balance. Mixing vintage/antique pieces in with the modern ones will really give your home personality and tell a story…your story. So get out there, find some cool old things that make you smile and put them in your home! If you need help making it all come together, give me a call and we’ll do it together!

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