8/8/12, QUICK CHANGE: Guest Room!

We all have a guest room that may or may not be paid much attention.  Mine is the latter and acts as an office, guest room, holding room/catch-all and play room for the kids (mostly while I’m working, ).
I was ready for a change and wanted to brighten things up without spending much money.  The room was painted two years ago and I still enjoy the color, so that was a keeper.  I found the duvet ($30) with a complementing yellow print and changed out the blue/green bedskirt with white ($40).  The accent pillows I had.  For the windows, I removed the woven shade and linen sheers and replaced it with a white cellular shade ($46) to modernize the space.  The drapes were passed down from a friend and extend floor to ceiling.  The rod is a simple piece of bamboo (free and free!)  I don’t have a headboard in this room so I hung a large piece of art from another part of the house.  Since our closet holds our computer desk, my husband requested an additional work space.  The console table was a hand-me-down from my parents and the ottoman and pineapple lamp were thrift store finds.  I found the beautiful 1960s bubble-glass bedside lamps at a flea market.  With some paint and a rewire, they make a great statement!  The pear art is a piece of fabric from TXTLART.com stretched over a homemade frame, also from another part of the house.  Total cost for this simple transformation…$184.
If you want to transform a space in your home and not have to spend a lot, I suggest shopping locally first…your own house!  What you are used to in one part of the home may look completely different in another, you’ll have a new appreciation for it. Start with a piece of art, pillows and even furniture.  Don’t be scared to move things around, you’ll be surprised!

guest before


after 2

after 3


Visit STYLE REVIVAL at the Antiques Market on Coleman Blvd for great, everyday pieces to complement your home! You can also shop gifts and decor thru my store page just above!

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