Living Room before and after!

Here is the “BEFORE” of a very nice living room of past clients/friends of mine.  They graciously asked me back to give this space a make-over all the while keeping things colorful and now…baby friendly.

So I went to work…

Here is the “AFTER”!

I started by changing the wall color.  Okay, gray is not very colorful, but I brought in something unexpected for the ceiling…a gorgeous marine blue!  And oddly, it’s not the first thing you notice when walking into the room.  Instead, the interest comes from the eclectic mix of furnishings.  I love a look that appears to be collected over time, and that’s exactly how this room comes across.  I also changed the existing hutch from a buttery yellow to a rich Sedona red.  The primary furniture and rug are new but the lighting, artwork and mirror were brought back from the previous design.  The homeowners now have a comfortable place to chill and entertain and more so, a place for their awesome little one to explore without obstacles.


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