Two Lovely Ladies…

These fine ladies have nice legs, great curves and might I add, are very strong on the inside…

…they just need a new dress

club wingback
club leg wing leg

These oldies-but-goodies were built to last!  The floral is a 1971 button tufted club chair.  The legs show some normal wear for their age but are in overall good condition, so the skirt is optional.  33″ W, 27.5″ H, 33″ D, 17″ seat height.  Solid, heavy frame. $65 ($350-$400 to reupholster depending on skirt) 

The color of the golden yellow wingback caught my eye and I fell in love with the shape.  30″ W, 42″ H, 25″D, ~19″ seat height.  It too has solid, sturdy construction. $75 ($400-$500 to reupholster depending on nailhead trim, cushion included)

I’d love to see how these beauties come back to life!  Send me your “after” and I’ll post it out there.

Please call me with any questions or for details, 843-478-0706.  If you’d like, I can arrange the upholstery services.  You can pick up one or both or I’ll bring them to you!

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Design Idea: A wiffle ball…who knew!

How does an ordinary wiffle ball play a role in everyday styling?

wiffle ball

I can’t take the credit for this great idea. It’s a clever one that my dear friend shared with me and I had to pass it on!
Don’t you hate when you have a vase with a wide mouth and not enough floral or greenery to fill it?  It all goes to one side…

Well, just place an ordinary wiffle ball on the bottom, and put the stems right through the holes…

VOILA`…perfect separation!

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Lighting is so important for a room. Not only does it create a mood, but the fixture itself will add interest to the space. I prefer accent and task lighting as opposed to overhead, especially in a living space or bedroom. Coming across a great vintage lamp always gets me excited, I’m constantly changing them up!

Here is one from the 60s, the base actually lights up as well. It’s modernized with a new shade.
lamp 60s lamp

This is a pair that I found in PA, they are pre-60s. I saw them from a distance and the bubble glass totally attracted me. They needed rewired and painted and I bought new white shades and bubble glass finials to top them off. Right now they’re in my “catch-all/holding room” (aka guest room), but I think they’re staying!
bubble glass lamp
guest room

#2 Art and Wall Decor
Art is very subjective, appealing to people in all different ways. Whether it’s an abstract, botanical, landscape, or portrait; a painting, illustration, photo or yes! even fabric, it will dress your wall and help to complete a room.

I tend to go for the warm-colored nature scenes in my own space. I found these two oil paintings at the local Habitat.

Here I repurposed two 1930s deco-styled porcelain light fixtures from our old house in downtown Charleston. My husband and I renovated and I thought these were neat so I wrapped them up and saved them. After moving to our new home, I wanted to use them somehow. I took out the old sockets and put in a shot glass for a vase. These are special and they’ll always remind me of our time spent downtown.
light fixtures

I saw this old wooden street sign, RIFLE RANGE ROAD, at Habitat after a neighborhood donated them.

Oh accessories…the jewelry of the room! Vintage accessories are so much fun. Group them in a collection for impact or just one here and there for contrast.

An old crate makes a great side table.

For contrast, try a vintage table with modern lighitng.
megan gr

This old ladder-back chair is great in the corner of a dining room as a plant stand, but is also extra seating when needed.
plant stand

I love finding anything, especially something for entertaining, that is mid-century. I love the shapes, the colors and the sparkle of pieces back then! Great for that special occassion or for everyday.

Anything with a lid will come in handy if you are entertaining outdoors (to keep the bugs off) or if you’re taking a dish to a party.

Ah…what fun colors!

Gotta love that sparkle…great for the holiday party!

Remember, reusing what we already have has many benefits: it conserves energy that would be spent on new production, saves fuel and energy from shipping and saves space in our landfills just to name a few. And by shopping at your local consignment, thrift and restores, you are keeping them in business and providing jobs. Hey, I buy new things too, but each piece that’s reused and repurposed makes a difference. We have so many beautiful things already here, so next time you’re out shopping for home, think about buying a piece with some soul!


Fun With Fabric!

I LOVE FABRIC! I think it is such a great way to bring personality to a room. A great combination of geometrics, florals, solids and textures will always make for an interesting room. Fabric will calm a room down or liven it up! It adorns our windows, dresses up our sofas, wraps our headboards and will even become a piece of art. I discovered this many years ago, on a budget and getting creative with my decor. I still do it today…

LR fabric art
I bought a yard of the geometric fabric a while back with the intent of making pillows. That project didn’t happen. Instead, I used it to make art for a very long wall in my living room. Starting, I cut the fabric in half, sprayed glued each piece to cardboard cut to fit the frame (foamboard works too) then cut the excess off. I reused the mats from the original framed art, put it back in the frame and hung them on the wall. The silver wooden frames are from Habitat for Humanity.

Storybook tree MNW
I was inspired to create this “tree” for my youngest daughter after I saw a photo of a giraffe cut-out from vintage wallpaper hanging in a kid’s room. I loved the idea but wanted to use fabric instead. I got a remnant of a brown with cherries on it for the trunk, a yard of bold, fun floral for the leaves and I cut them both to shape. I thought I could hang it with liquid starch, but it was too heavy. So instead, I had to use a spray adhesive, spraying both wall and fabric for tackiness. It’s been 3 years now and it’s held up great, but it will peel off easily when she’s ready for a change.

Green and pink fabric
This fabric is just so sweet. I wanted to use it in my older daughter’s bedroom. I simply spray glued it to a piece of cardboard, cut off the excess and framed it in a repainted wood frame.

Art does not have to be expensive, just creative! Whether you use fabric on the wall or on the sofa…consider it a piece of art!

Marimekko fabric stretched over a wood frame, a custom piece measuring approximately 2’x 4.5′ ($75). The tiny white and black dots are on the photo only, not the art. This is a truly unique piece and will make a statement anywhere! Call or email with questions or to purchase, 843.478.0706 or As always, thanks for looking. And if you enjoy the blog, pass it on to a friend, they may too!

REUSE THE BEAUTY OF THE PAST TO CONSERVE WHAT WE HAVE FOR THE FUTURE. Visit STYLE REVIVAL at the Antiques Market on Coleman Blvd for additional special finds and one-of-a-kinds.

It’s All Up In The Air…Birds that is!

I started collecting birds about two and a half years ago while on a cabin trip in NC with friends. My girlfriend and I vistied a roadside flea market and I picked up a chubby little porcelain bird and thought it was the cutest thing. It soon became known as the “peace birdie” with my girls, who were nearly 2 and 3 years old at the time. I told them it may fly away if they couldn’t keep the peace amongst each other (well it worked for a short while anyway). Ever since then, I’ve been picking them up here and there. To me, they symbolize the greatest freedom…who doesn’t dream of just soaring through the air with the wind in your face. Lately, I’ve been seeing their inspiration all over the runway and in the home. I don’t typically style for the current trends, but birds always have and will always be around…they’re timeless and add a little bit of whimsy to our home.

birds trending

I’d like to share a few pieces that I have.
1) Black metal bird perched on a branch, great as an accent and weighes about 2-3lbs, $12. 2) Feather down birdcage pillow, new $25. 3) Hand-made owl mirror signed and dated on back, May ’81. I found this unpainted and updated it with a few coats of glossy white paint, measures 17″ in diameter. Like a little piece of folk art, SOLD. 4) Custom art made from a spare frame painted gold, a piece of burlap and a vintage inspired bird print. It measures 20.5 x 24.25in framed, $40 obo.

1iron bird2birdcage pillow3sold owl mirror4birds on burlap

If you have any questions or would like to purchase, please call or email me: 843.478.0706 or I will deliver locally! As always thanks for looking and remember REUSE THE BEAUTY OF THE PAST TO CONSERVE WHAT WE HAVE FOR THE FUTURE. Additional “picks” at STYLE REVIVAL in the Antiques Market on Coleman Blvd.

April 10, 2012

Hello! Lately I’ve been posting photos of some “picked” pieces that I have for sale. This week I want to give you ideas on how you can make vintage pieces work for you in your own home, without making it seem like “grandma’s house”. Below are some examples of designed rooms (not by me) that incorporate the modern and the vintage.
Above is an older space with modern furnishings and wall color. However, the owner balanced it well with a mid-century coffee table.

Looking into this eating area makes me want to smile. I love the wall color, very fresh. The owner probably inherited the mid-century dining furniture, but totally brought it into the 21st century with that wall color and the simple window treatments and pendant chandelier. The foreground consists of a painted bureau with a pair of vintage lamps and modern glass vase. I love the mirror hanging above. Reproductions of these detailed pieces are very popular right now, especially in bold, glossy colors. I come across the originals every so often, so if you like it, let me know and I’ll keep my eyes open.

Remember, it’s all about balance. Mixing vintage/antique pieces in with the modern ones will really give your home personality and tell a story…your story. So get out there, find some cool old things that make you smile and put them in your home! If you need help making it all come together, give me a call and we’ll do it together!

April 2, 2012

Today I was inspired by springs blooms and budding leaves. I have added a collection of beautiful glassware in some fun spring colors sure to put a smile on your face!

Jadite sold
This is a vintage Fire King mixing bowl with spout and handle in highly collectible Jadite. It is ovensafe and measures 7.5″ diameter and 4″ tall (SOLD), great condition, no chips or cracks.

Want a little color? This bowl is so pretty and a piece of art in itself. It’s glass with a beautiful, vibrant orange fired on the interior. It’s heavy (about 1 lb) and measures 5.5″ in diameter and 2.75″ tall. This would look great on a table, shelf or mantel especially in a room with cool colors such as aqua, teal or blue (SOLD).

green pitcher
This pitcher is also piece of art, definitely one you don’t see everyday. It’s mid-century, 11.5″ tall, and is glass with a frosted olive green glaze on the exterior and gold band at the neck. The spout is molded and it has a great handle. It’s in great condition, no chips or cracks ($30).

Japan mugs
These mugs are so eye-catching, the blossoms are awesome. It’s a set of four Creative mugs from Japan, two orange/red, one purple/white, one blue/green all with a gold rim. Great condition, no chips or cracks ($15).

REUSE THE BEAUTY OF THE PAST TO CONSERVE WHAT WE HAVE FOR THE FUTURE! Call or email with any questions or to purchase, 843.478.0706 or


March 29, 2012

When I’m out picking, treasure hunting or whatever you shall call it, I’m drawn to pieces that have some soul to them, no matter the era… I wonder what story they have to tell. I saw this beautiful copper basin recently at an estate sale. Fortunately, I was able to hear a little of its story and I love that I’m able to share it with you. I bought it from a 70 year old Mt. Pleasant woman. She remembers her great-grandmother cooking soap in this on her stove when she was a little girl. It is from the 19th century and has a beautifully aged patina with metal and wood handles. It is a gorgeous display piece or would make for a great ice bucket at an event. This is a piece with some exceptional old soul! ($75)
copper basin vignette basin close-up

Here is some fun, sleek glassware with a clear top that fades into brown. Set of 4 wine glasses, 4 short tumblers and 4 tall tumblers, 12 pcs total ($25), great condition.
brown stemware

REUSE THE BEAUTY OF THE PAST TO CONSERVE WHAT WE HAVE FOR THE FUTURE. If you like what you see please share with a friend…we all make a difference. And remember to visit STYLE REVIVAL at the Antiques Market on Coleman. I place new and different pieces there too, all the time. Thanks for looking and have a great day. Good luck to all you runners!

March 26, 2012

Hello and Happy Monday! I am adding quite a few pieces this week of which I hope you’ll all enjoy. Below I have a custom white ceramic lamp with black shade and modern glass floral finial ($75). I also have a round, metal mirror with leaf and scroll details (SOLD). Next to it on the wall is a gold framed, original oil on canvas signed A. Julia. I found no bio on the artist, but he/she is very talented. The color and detail work on this piece are amazing ($125 obo). On the table is a pair of pewter vases, great on a mantle as well ($16/pair).
DR vignette

I was at a used office warehouse with a client one day and saw this sette, completely out of place. I asked about it and the owner told me it was once Arthur Ravenel III’s. He acquired it after helping him move his East Bay Street office. I thought it was so gorgeous (it will be even more so re-upholstered!) Currently, it’s in great condition but the red fabric is not my cup of tea and dates it somewhat. If it’s not your cup of tea either, I have a gentleman that will re-upholster it for a reasonable price. I’m asking $395 or best offer. With the sette, I have a pair of euro down pillows with shams of red, teal, purple, white, rust and green on a taupe background ($75/pair).
sette cropped

Here is a beautiful full-size vintage spindle bed, head and foot boards. It was hand-painted, so has a few minor spots where the paint has chipped, but in overall great condition. It comes with two metal side-rails and three slats to support the mattress. This would look great in a room with red accents (for a boy) or lavender, spring green and yellow (for a girl). Or go neutral for a guest room with ivory or white accents. The possibilities are endless! ($165 obo)
spindle bed

How cool is this blue metal candelabra! Great in a foyer or half-bath above the seat…actually it would look great just about anywhere! Holds 4 taper candles. Photo shows it as dark blue, but it’s more crayola blue ($40).
blue candelabra

Call me at 843-478-0706 or email at with questions or to purchase. Thanks for looking and remember…I will deliver. Have a great one!

March 21, 2012

I was inspired to showcase some of my milk glass after a friend showed me her grandmother’s collection. It consisted of some sugar bowls, fruit-shaped dishes, a planter…it was all just so pretty. Milk glass is one of those classic pieces that doesn’t go out of style. It’s been around since the 16th century and became highly collectible during the 20th (of which these pieces are from). The first and third pictured below are made by E.O. Brody, Cleveland Ohio. He was an entrepreneur of his day and sold his milk glass in volume to buyers like FTD who then used them for their floral arrangements. The second and fourth pieces are not marked, but all are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. I think milk glass looks great grouped as a collection or individually. It would also make a great hostess or housewarming gift. Who wouldn’t love a piece of vintage glass showing off a plant or some flowers! Please call or email to purchase and I will deliver! 843-478-0706 or As always, thanks for taking the time to look!

An example of milk glass in a collection…modern art using vintage finds!
collected milk glass